Minesweeper Q Premium App Reviews

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Does the job

Works as expected. Would be good to have more levels than beginner.

minesweeper q pro

tolle umsetzung, empfehlenswert

Love it

I am so addicted

Definitely addictive

A game worth having!


Great implementation, lots of option, nice UI. Perfect!


Not as great as the classic computer version but gets you your minesweeper fix.

Great game!

Just like the original Windows version!!!

Better than expected

Well worth the money. I dig. Havent played the game in years and its exactly how I remember it. Flawless.


Just right

Cant stop playing.....

Evergreen fun.


Basic minesweeper. Cant go wrong.

well done!

After all these years its still as addictive as ever ... THANKS!

Perfectly simple

As awesome as ever

So simple and so addictive

How many nights no sleep to make statistics perfect. Perfect one. No bugs, running smoothly and not crushing.

It puts the lotion on the skin



most addictive game everr

Just get this

Ive tried lots of Minesweeper apps, and this one wins by a mile. The developer clearly understands user interface and design.

What I was looking for

So far so good with this minesweeper game. Good view of the playing service. Controls good. Seems like a stable app. No in game music, but thats okay b/c theres no interference w/ iPod music.

Almost as Good

Its almost as good as the Windows version, but there was a trick in the windows version that would highlight all the squares around a number.


Very stable, functions well, awesome!

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